The Timelessness of Experience

I spent most of the day today reading books in a nearby park. Real, physical, dead-tree books. While I was there, there was a group swing dancing nearby, and a poet set up near the gazebo typing away at a typewriter.

It struck me then that this same scene could have happened almost exactly the same way 100 years ago. It would have been live music then rather than a recording, it likely would've been a less diverse crowd, and the fashions of the time would've been different... but I have to imagine that the experience of being in that space would've been similar.

To me, the past often feels like it has a different character to it, one that sets it apart from the experiences of the present. But those of the past stood under the same sky; they loved and laughed just as we do. There are differences to be found in any era, but the things that make us human haven't changed in a long, long time.